Saturday, September 12, 2009

Wood arrives in Roberts Creek

The shipment that I purchased for Robert from A&M Lumber  arrived at the school. Everyone was pretty excited to see it.

Here's one of the five planks of 8/4 curly sycamore. The planks are over 20" wide and 10' long and are curly over their full width and length.
Two planks of 8/4 sapele, 37" wide and 10' long:
Boxwood, padauk, curly maple and curly sycamore:
Another shot of the sapele:
Black walnut and an amazing plank of olive:
Here's a closeup shot of the curly sycamore. The curls are at about 90 degrees to the grain over much of the boards which is nice.


Nick Brygidyr said...

hey, i found your blog through nick nelson's page.

that is some juicy wood you got there, im very jealous. did you pick your boards first hand or they just sent you what they had? im thinking of ordering from A&M but i like seeing my boards before buying them..

Steve Neil said...

Hi Nick. I spent about 6 hours one day at A&M with Terry (who works there) picking out these boards. If you explain what you want to them, I think they're pretty good about sending stuff. No experience that way myself, I've always gone there to pick stuff myself. Good luck!